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Service User Point of View

Tweet For anyone who has not seen our main website – give it a look.  The link below is to the service user section where you can complete the empathy exercise, this is aimed at giving you the chance to see the kinds of challenges the people who Simon On The Streets support face, and […]

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More From Tom

Tweet Tom recently received the news that his ex girlfriend had fallen pregnant again. This news was a huge shock to Tom and ultimately he started to use a lot more class A drugs and buried his head in the sand. Again he started to disengage from services and had the ‘I don’t care about […]

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Creaming and Parking

Tweet I heard the term ‘Creaming and Parking’ recently in relation to private companies working to support long term unemployed individuals back into work.  The criticism is that these companies are creaming off those individuals who are the most employable and simply pushing them towards the first opportunity that comes their way and parking the […]

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More about Karen

Tweet Potentially, Karen might have to serve the rest of her sentence which she is dreading. She is in a cell on her own as she is classed as “high risk” and said that she just spends all day laying on her bed thinking about what an awful person she is. She is on medication […]

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Karen update

Tweet After the last update, I continued to visit Karen and when she was released after her 28 day recall I picked her up and took her to see her probation officer and her alcohol worker . She had decided, upon release, she didn’t want to stay in a privately rented property but that she […]

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Tom, update

Tweet So far Tom has held down his tenancy and adhered to his drug Treatment order, but just the other day he received a letter from his Solicitors stating that his ex partner had been to see her own legal team and that they had advised her to stipulate that Tom must produce negative drug […]

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Follow Our Work

Tweet We are set in the new year to give regular updates on a couple of the people we support; Tom and Karen. Many of you will have seen the case studies that set the scene for these two individuals in our WOTS (Word On The Streets) newsletter. If you haven’t seen this get in […]

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every success really counts!

Tweet One of my clients, Martin, has been an entrenched rough sleeper for approximately 12 years.  Since working with him (for the last 7 months) he has managed brief stays in two hostels, one of which evicted him as they classed him as too “high risk” due to his mental health problems.  Martin is an […]

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ending rough sleeping?

Tweet I have noticed that one of my clients, Paul, has been looking more and more unwell over the past few weeks.  He said he had been assaulted a few weeks ago by a large group of people and has been feeling ill ever since.  He is also rough sleeping after being evicted from a […]

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Positive Movement

Tweet I’ve worked with Terry for about 2 years now and for most of that time he’s been an entrenched rough sleeper. Terry was in care from an early age and soon resorted to crime – namely car theft and joy riding – to fill his time and stunt his boredom. The outcome of this […]

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Fundraising Black Tie Dinner

Tweet An evening of good food and music, hosted by Rugby star Henry Paul.  

We pick ourselves up and carry on…

blue plaque

Tweet We pick ourselves up and we carry on…   I’m not going to lie.  It’s been a tough week. […]

Reflection from a DLA Tribunal

Tweet Justice without Compassion?  Reflections from my first Disability Living Allowance Tribunal I attended as an observer to a DLA […]

Helping hand from Leeds students

Tweet A team of fantastic third students studying Graphic Design and the Leeds College of Art are supporting Simon on […]

Food and Drink Networking Event – 28th October 2013

Tweet Simon on the streets are incredibly proud to have been chosen as the Yorkshire charity for the recent Brand […]

No Respect

Tweet Recently I was walking to an appointment with one of our youngest and most complex service users Lisa, and […]