Why Golf is the perfect teambuilding sport


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In just over two weeks, we’ll be holding our amazing charity golf event, Simon on the Tee, for a second year. This week, we’ll look at why golf is the perfect teambuilding sport. Strong organisations rely on a strong team to succeed, and team sports are the perfect team-strengthening activity. It provides your team with the opportunity to get out of the office and bond as a group, and golf is the perfect team sport for this. Let’s discuss why golf is the perfect sport for team building.

Why golf is perfect for teambuilding.

Golf is the perfect teambuilding sport. Not only is it inclusive and fun for all, but it also increases staff-wellbeing and boosts staff confidence.

Fun for all.

Golf is the perfect sport for your team to play because it’s a sport anyone can enjoy. It’s slow paced and low impact and doesn’t require a high level of physical endurance. Golf can be played by anyone at any age, making it the perfect teambuilding activity for everyone. You won’t have to worry about excluding anyone as the whole team can get involved in the game and enjoy golf together.

Improves staff wellbeing.

If you improve your staff’s wellbeing, you improve your team’s morale. By playing golf, your team gets a day out among nature, and studies show that our attention span and happiness increases while wandering around greenery. The increased endorphins will also leave players feeling less stressful. "Green exercise" has been found to reduce stress and restore mental fatigue, particularly stress in the workplace.

Golf is also a naturally social sport. There’s not always something happening, and often the time between holes is when the best conversations happen. Your team will really get a chance to know one another on a deeper level. These connections will cross over into your office, improving staff comradeship in the long term.

Confidence Boosting.

Golf is also perfect for team building because its confidence boosting. For team members that haven’t played before, learning a new skill together will foster a sense of community. Colleagues who already play golf will enjoy passing on their knowledge, tips and tricks to others. The journey of improving, or helping others improve, fosters a positive team environment. There is a huge confidence boost that comes from learning or improving a skill, and the high will be with them as they return to the office the next day.

A day of golf is the perfect teambuilding activity. Golf is fun and inclusive for all. It will improve employee wellbeing as your team enjoy getting out in nature. And the confidence from learning a new skill, or teaching others how to play, will boost staff bonds in the workplace. A positive team building day will do wonders for team morale!

On Thursday 30th September we hold our charity golf day, Simon on the Tee, for the second year running. It will be a fantastic day for your team to play a friendly game of golf and meet other Yorkshire businesses. We’ll also be providing a welcome drink, sit-down dinner, fundraising raffle and much more. To enter your team today, call 0113 345 2270 or email admin@simononthestreets.co.uk

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